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Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you. —Rumi

Integrative Health Coaching

Integrative health coaching is a client-centered process to facilitate and empower the client to achieve self-determined goals related to health and wellness. Health coaches apply clearly defined knowledge and skills so that clients mobilize internal strengths and external resources for sustainable change. (From the definition of Certified Health and Wellness Coaches by the National Team for Standards, Certification & Research for Professional Coaches in Healthcare and Wellness)

As a professional health coach, Claire facilitates the discovery and exploration of your personal wellness

Custom-designed wellness plans help you

  • Reduce the impact of stress
  • Develop a sense of mind-body well-being
  • Develop a healthy, balanced lifestyle
  • Discover inner wisdom and authenticity

You are seen as intrinsically healthy. Even small changes help move you toward health and well-being.

  • Non-judgmental, mutually respectful partnership empowers you to face your challenges
  • Powerful questions elicit shifts in perspective that can motivate change
  • Attention is paid to underlying symptoms and behaviors
  • Strengths are identified and enhanced as tools for wellness
  • Inspired by change, optimism, and hope

Who can benefit?

  • People who want support while they make lifestyle changes such as weight loss, improving nutrition, reducing stress, improving relationships
  • People with health conditions such as cancer, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, severe stress, heart disease, diabetes
  • Healthy people who want to enhance self-awareness & well-being
  • People who want to instill fresh purpose into their lives

Please email Claire at [email address] or call, (952) 985-3794, to set up an appointment.